Sunday, October 16, 2016

Librarian- Excellence post 14

Librarian- Excellence post #14

Last week I had Librarian with Jade, Sophie and I. At 12:50 I went to the library and got started as soon as posably because we had a lot of books to put away. After we had finsied putting all the books away we had to tidey up the selves that means put the books back in the right place so the next people to go to the library they will be able to find what book they are looking for. At 1:20 we walked around the library to tell the people that were in the library that it was closed once we had closed the library we went out side to play. The learner qualities that I showed were modicational because Jade didn't now where a book went and I wasn't allowed to tell her so I motivated her so she was able to think and knew where it went, I was also showing leadership by being a role model to the younger kids on how you take care of the books by not throwing them to each other.

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