Thursday, September 22, 2016

Visual Art

WALT: Apply knowledge about shapes and patterns derived from nature into an original artwork

For Visual Art the SOLO level I achieved was: Extended Abstract because I achieved all of the art techniques.

The 3 Visual Art techniques I used in my art work to achieve this level were: Glazing, Moving water colors and Shading.

Here is a photo of my artwork:

My next step in visual art is: to learn some more techniques and look at some different artiest.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Koru games

The activity that I did was Touch
Two highlights of the koru games for me was 1 scoring a try for my team because it was surprising that I scored it and 2 our team worked really hard
I am proud of coming 8th out of 10 teams because so of the teams were really hard
Next year I want to do netball because I did Touch this year so I will try out for Netball next year

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Librarian-Excellence post 13

Librarian-Excellence post  #13

Today I had Librarian, We got to the Library at 12:50 and we finished at 1:25,  there were a lot of books to put away but when we put our minds to it we were finished in no time. After we had put all the books away we had to return and renew some books to other children and then at 1:20 we closed the library and walked around to make sure the library was all tidy and make sure that all of the books were put away and in the right place, The learner qualities that I showed were respect because I was respecting the books that we had to put away

Librarian- Excellence post 12

Librarian- Excellence post #12

Today I had Librarian, at 12:50 all of the librarians had to go to the library for a meeting, we all talked about if we can still do our duty and we were also talking about the library website and what we could improve on it. the learner qualities that I was showing were respect because I was respecting others ideas that they had, I was also showing leadership by being a role model and not going on the device when anyone was talking to use or when anyone had an idea to share with the rest of the group when the library meeting was finished we got to go outside and play.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

CARE: My progress so far

The CARE award that I am working towards is:  Gold

The one area of CARE that I am doing best in is:   Community   because: I have many highlighted in this area

The one area of CARE that I need to work harder in is: Active thinking because: I don't have as many highlighted things in this area

To show my leadership qualities I am a role model to others in the CARE values by showing these leadership traits: Motivational, Active thinker, Goal focused, Resilient.

On the CARE SOLO matrix below I am at this SOLO level: Relational because: I am not at Extended Abstract yet but I am nearly there.





Extended Abstract
I am not aware of the CARE values yet.
I know what the CARE values mean.

I need help to use them.
I can use the CARE values.

I need reminding to use them.
I can use the CARE values independently.
I can use the CARE values independently.

I can role model to others how to use the CARE values.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Radio station- Excellence blog post

Radio station- Excellence blog post 

Today I ad Radio station with Candice, Brook and I, Firstly when the outside lunch bell went we went to radio and wrote out the script that we talk of so we know what we are talking about, some things that we talk about are, latest school newsletter, some interesting information, some events that are coming up, what is happening in our classes and we also get to pick some songs to put on the radio, this starts at 1:00 pm and finishes at 1:30 pm, the learner qualities that I showed were respect because I was respecting what Candice and Brook were saying even if they missed out something on the script i just let them carrying on with what they where saying, I was also showing leadership by being a role model and not being silly in the radio room.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

I can recognise and understand a variety of grammatical constructions and some rhetorical patterns

In this unit I have been learning about:
  • The parts of speech.
  • The types of nouns.
  • The types of sentences.

In this unit, I found the matching and name the sentences challenging… because it was tricky to know what went with what.

Something new I learnt was... abstract nouns and what they are

Information report

The water cycle

The water cycle is a process that water goes through and between land, sea and the atmosphere. The water cycle doesn’t have a start or an end, the water is also recycled throughout the process.

This is when the sun heats up the water which is called vapor (gas). This is an invisible process that changes water into gas, On cold days the process of evaporation is very low, Vapour in the air is known as humidity, In most hot places there is a high amount of humidity. After the water turns into a gas it forms into clouds which is called condensation.

Condensation/ Precipitation
Condensation happens because of the temperature changing, some air in the sky cannot stay as a gas so it turns into tiny liquid water drops. Raindrops can come in many different sizes (1mm to 4.5mm), The next stage after this is called runoff.

Runoff/ groundwater
The water under ground moves due to gravity, Even throw some water from runoff soaks into the ground some of it goes back into the sea, lakes and rivers. The more water in snow and Ice the more chance of flooding.

Overall the four stages of the water cycle are Evaporation, Condensation, Precipitation and Runoff.

Technology Excellence post 5

Technology Excellence post 5 Each Thursday in the week the year 7/8's at Oaklands have to go to technology this means that we have to...