Thursday, June 15, 2017

Technology Excellence post 2

Today it was our first time in textiles and design first when I got to school I did the roll then I lined up to go onto the bus, when we arrived at Lincoln primary for technology group b and c we went to the design and textiles room, next we learnt about all the safety things that you have to have. Then group b went to mandarin and group c (my group) we learnt about nets of a shape and then we had to make a net of a box. Then at 11:00 my group we went to mandarin when we got back to was time to pack up and go on the bus back to school. The care value that I showed was respect because I was respecting the teacher when she was talking to use so I didn't talk to others when she was, The leadership trait that I showed was motivational because I motivated my team mates when they were nervous to try/do something.

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