Monday, April 10, 2017

Technology merit post 3

Today we had technology and I got to school on time then we did the roll in class went through the notices and then we got on or buses to go to tech there are two buses I am on bus two and my other friends are on bus two as well so I can sit with them, When we get to tech we go to our tech group I am in cooking but we have mandarin first so when drop off our bags then go to mandarin for half an hour then come back and then our cooking teacher tells us what we are cooking for the day, Today she said that we were cooking cinnamon pinwheel scones  then we went and got our ingredients and started making them then it was time for morning tea after morning tea we did some book work then it was time to head back to school on the bus. The care value that I showed was respect because I was respecting the seat and the driver by being quiet and only talking to the person next to me.

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