Monday, April 10, 2017

Technology merit post 4

Today it was Technology day so we had to get to school earlier than normal because the bus leaves at 8:35, I got there at 8:20 then we got let inside to do the roll and the teachers talked about the notices, next it was time to go onto the bus I am on bus two, when we got to technology at Lincoln primary I went to mandarin because cooking has it a 9 - 9:30  then after mandarin we went back to cook Bread baskets we got to choose what we wanted to put in them I chose onion, spaghetti, ham and cheese. Then we cooked them wiliest they were cooking we went out for morning tea, When we came back from morning tea we got to eat it but I chose to take them home and share them with my family. The care value that I showed was Active thinking because I was thinking that I showed be quiet when I am talking on the bus so that the bus driver can concentrate.

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