Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Geeing involved Merit post 3

Getting Involved Merit post # 3

Yesterday I was getting involved by playing a game with my friends Jade,Brook and Candice and it was called who's shoe. So at school we have a clock painted on the concert and so someone will stand in the middle of the clock and they will spin around and the other people will walk around the out side of the clock and the person will close they eyes wail they are spinning around in the middle of the clock and when the person in the middle of the clock says stop then everybody on the outside of the clock will stop and put there foot on the closest number on the clock and then the person in the middle of the clock will find someone's foot and they will have a feel of the foot and then they will guess whose foot it is and if they get it right then that person will be out and then they carry on until there is a winner, After that the person who got out first they will be the person who is in the middle. I was showing respect because I was respecting other ideas.

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