Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Technology Distinction post 1

Technology Distinction Post #1

Today I had Technology in the morning and we traveled on the bus to Lincoln primary school. I am doing wood work and we got a choice of making a table, clock or a try ,I chose a table to make. First I had to sand my table with sand paper the first size that we started with was p80 then it goes p120, p220,p320,p600,1000, p1500 and then you sand it with paper to make it shiny. that took the whole time that we were there then we ha to pack up, sweep and vacuum the floor. Then the teacher read out some riddles. The care values that I showed were Active thinking because I was using my time wisely,I was showing leadership by being organised and getting to school on time so I didn't miss the bus, I have continued to be a role model by representing Oakland's school positively.

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