Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Librarian-Excellence post 10

Librarian-Excellence post #10

Yesterday I had Librarian with Jade and Sophie but Sophie was unable to do it, After the inside lunch bell had rung Jade and I went to the library to start our duty this starts at 1:00 and finishes at 1:30 there were a lot of books for use to put away but in the end we had put them all away, the time we had put them away it was 1:20 so we had to go around and say to everyone in the library that it is closed then we asked Mrs Ward if there was any thing else that we could do and she said no so we went back to class,the learner qualities that I showed were respect because I was respecting the books that I had to pot back on the self in number and A-Z order,I was also showing leadership by motivating Jade that she could remember where the book went so I gave her a hint on where it went but I didn't show here where it went.

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