Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Librarian-Excellence post 16

Librarian-Excellence post #16

Today I had Librarian by myself because Sophie and Jade had forgotten about library duty, When the 12:40 bell went to go outside I went to the library to start putting away the books I had a lot of books to put away, when I had finished putting all of the books away I had to issue and return some books on the computer at 1:20 I went around the library telling the people in the library that it is closed when everybody had left the library I went around fixing up the books on the shelves so that they were in order so that the next people in the library would be able to find the book that they were looking for, the learner qualities that showed were respect because I was respecting the books and the computers, I was also showing leadership by doing my duty on time right place right time.

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