Thursday, June 23, 2016

Student council-Excellence post 17

Student council-Excellence post #17

 Today I had Student council, at 12:15 I went to the hall foyer ready for student council this finishes between 12:30 and 12:40 pm First we talked about if we should have a talking object so the person with the talking object is the only person that can speak, So one of the seniors went back to class to get a talking object that was safe enough to be passed around the room next we talked about 3 strike warning the first warning is the you get you name up on the board the second warning is the you have to sit in a corner and the third warning is that you have to go back to class and say that you have been silly so you have been sent back to class then your class will have to choose a knew student councilor. The learner qualities that I showed were respect because I was respecting the person who was talking that had the talking object, I was also showing leadership by being a role model for the younger kids that were attending the meeting.

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